A passion for gravity and the desire for uncompromising bikes

HOTT Cycles stands for pure enthusiasm and innovative spirit. Originating from our workshop in Tyrol, we also have our company headquarters here and try to produce as much as possible in Austria. In addition, we can take care of the important things here!

We live the development of our bikes. It's about experiencing the frames and parts that we develop ourselves and testing them under the best conditions until everything feels right.

Fun and passion

In the mid-1990s, I became fascinated with bicycles. I got into mountain biking through racing, although my favorites have always been races like cross country and marathons with technically difficult conditions.

But after many good years, I had to admit to myself that enjoying biking is not enough to be at the forefront and become a professional. I gave up the competition, but my passion for biking remained.

Passion and engineering

Because of my son's enthusiasm for BMX, Pumptrack, Dirt Jump and Co., I soon discovered that there was much more to it than that! The gravity community, the fascination and the long dormant desire were back, but worse and stronger than ever.

Through many acquaintances from the scene and countless conversations about the technology and handling of the bikes, I got the desire to build my own dirt bike. I had learned the manual and technical skills from scratch.

The first prototype already aroused great interest among the riders and the first inquiries for other bikes became more frequent. Hott Cycles was born.
Now it's time to remove the training wheels and learn the wheelie.

I'd be happy to tell you more at an event or in the park.

Euer Chris
Keep on Riding